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Business Development, How The Experts Do It

The best strategies for business development include focusing on the outcome of the endeavors such as about the market demand for a product or service. There are several fascinating products that are simply limited by the universal application of the product. Therefore, the strategies must include a focus on a niche or wider market. The new business may provide a service that is not offered by the current competitors such with services for mobile windshield replacement. The service would allow the customers to have a windshield installed at a home or office location.


The market may have several competitors that offer a variety of services for a wide range of prices. Therefore, the target market for the new business should be identified with demographic details, occupational details, economic details and details about the method for doing business. There are several things to consider to develop a business such as the information about the customers who will use and purchase the services. The product or service must have a marketable value to customers, which could include homeowners or songwriters.


The prices for products can be lowered with more advanced methods of production. Large corporations make huge investments in equipment and machinery, which can produce an individual product for less costs than would be incurred if the product was made by a skilled craftsman who had used hand tools. Therefore, the product should not be an item that can be mass produced more cheaply such as a plastic toy. The best approach for lowering prices is to offer products that are unique or to offer customized services, which includes landscaping services.


Some of the functions within the business may need to be outsourced. Several companies may not be able to afford the costs for monitoring a phone line for 24 during each day. Those same companies may also prefer to not have recorded messages from the customers because the managers want to be advised immediately about any concerns. Therefore, those companies may need to use an answering service or outsourced customer service department that will contact a manager if there is a problem such as with hazardous wastes.


Some companies may form a network of partners who can work together to complete a project. There could be system designers, experts who make models, software engineers and plumbers who work together to install a new plumbing system in a building. The software engineers could write code for new software that would be used to make virtual presentations that would be presented to the customers for the projects. Therefore, the best strategies for business development include planning for solutions to any potential problems such as with finding an electrician who has the necessary skills to complete a project.


The business organization should have a structure with ethical business practices. The customers should receive the best services, which must be protected by a promise from the company to correct any problems. There is no attraction for a customer to do business with a company that does not stand behind the services and products because a lawsuit is the only way to achieve a resolution. Therefore, there are several things to consider to develop a business, which may be financed with the personal investments from entrepreneurs who only want to succeed.

How GPS can help a Business save time

GPS devices can make a difference when it comes to your business and the ways you can make your business run a lot more efficiently. Run a more efficient business with time tracking of employees and prevent lost expense all round. If you use the devices in the right way you can in turn run a much more profitable and efficient operation. By having real-time information at their fingertips you can run your business in a much more up to date manner and in a much more controlled manner too.

GPS trackers can help businesses save money as the data can first hand relay back as to how well time is being used and assets are being used. You can also see which members of staff are utilizing the assets of the business to the best of their abilities. Tracking provides real-time analytics and data of great accuracy which can be used to good effect to further drive and enhance the operational efficiency of the business as a whole. This can also add value to a business in the sense that processes can be carried out with less members of staff and less of the human demand.

Businesses have adopted GPS receivers in an effort to save time and money and gain more control of everything which goes on around them. There are many proven ways fleet owners can use GPS vehicle tracking to help reduce the chances of theft. The devices can also be used in part to increase outright efficiency to a business. To add to this, the devices and the technology can also be used to monitor and keep a tab as to how productive the workforce is in the work they do.

Thanks to telematics business managers can receive live, real-time updates from the GPS trackers. A GPS platform can help simplify dispatching assets and the general processes a business may be likely to face on a day to day basis. For the end user, more control can be gained all round and a greater sense of what may be going on thanks to the fact the devices / systems work in real-time and the fact they have signal strength to roam literally anywhere imaginable. The devices can also be used to good effect on any asset and they can be made to go and track in places and overall environments a human may not be able to operate.

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Business Innovation on a Shoestring Budget

It’s true – innovation is a huge buzzword and we are all aware. Craig Lambert describes it as being “… bandied around a bit like a Miss Universe contestant talking about world peace.” While the idea of innovation is tossed around and misused, it doesn’t mean businesses can’t or shouldn’t be innovative, but rather the opposite: businesses need to embrace creativity and exciting new ways to connect with customers.

It is important to know the two relevant types of innovation in order to start thinking outside of the box and reaching your business potential.

The two main types of innovation are:

  1. Sustained: Innovation that maintains and evolves established markets.
  2. Disruptive: Innovation that creates new markets and fresh values.

How Can Your Business Succeed With Innovation?

In order to be successful as a business, your business must have a clear and focused ‘Power House.’ Think of your business’s house as having four rooms that are the key foundations of a successful business. These four rooms include:

  1. Vision – a clear strategy.
  2. IQ – a smart intellectual focus.
  3. Body – a physical energy and presence.
  4. EQ – its interpersonal connections.

These four rooms are critical to building a sustainable, commercially viable company – when they are all working together they provide a strong profit power loop. For example:

  • If you have a clear vision and stick to it you should eventually reach your goals. Without clarity of vision of a phone that also played music and allowed you to surf the web, Apple would never have created the iPhone.
  • Intellectual focus involve taking small but crucial improvements to your products or services that can win over customers and keep your company fresh. Dyson failed over 5,000 times before he and his vacuum cleaners reached huge success.
  • The physical energy that your business creates in visual forms such as branding and marketing is essential to make a positive first impression. If you can win over eyes, you can win over customers.
  • Finally without emotional intelligence and having the ability to connected with staff, customers and stakeholders on a personal level you will not enjoy repeat business and good will. You should want to connect to your customers and this is the biggest reason you are being innovative. Serve your customers and find success.

Innovation is About the Big Picture

Once you’ve got your house in order you can start building upon your solid foundation you can begin to focus on raising your roof to become more and more successful. Your focus is to find ways to improve your product or business practices in such a way that serves your customers and keeps them connected with you as a brand. Innovation isn’t about innovating for the sake of innovation, nor is it about throwing money at the latest trend, gadget or radio advertisement, rather innovating should always be focused on helping your end-customer and servicing their needs and wants. With the foundations in place you then have the clear air space to create some really unique and memorable experiences that will ensure your business is remembered, respected and referred.

CEO, UQ Power and International Company Culture Coach, Heidi Alexandra Pollard says her team are red hot, refreshing renegades, hunting down boring brands, stuck in a sea of sameness and charging them to power up their people, their presence and their profits. Their mission is to help elevate the global playing field for small to mid-sized companies through their unique brand and culture strategies that are easy on the finances, easy to implement and easy to sustain.