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When Is a Virtual Office the Right Choice for Your Business?

Virtual offices are a great way to provide your business with that extra edge. You have a professional address in the economic hub, and you don’t even have to break the bank in the process of acquiring one. Seems like a win-win situation. However, as an entrepreneur, you may have some reservations, uncertainties and concerns about investing in virtual offices.

To assist you in this decision, here are some things you might want to ask yourself when setting up a virtual office to gauge if it’s the right decision for you:

Is Your Business A Start-up?

Unlike other businesses that are already earning stable and steady revenue, you are operating within a strict budget. Profits and revenues may not be certain at the moment. Would it be a wise decision to invest heavily in a physical office, with a high rent? A virtual one can prove an economical solution by providing you with virtual office space at low cost. That way, you can keep operating expenses low, and ultimately increase your bottom line!

How Important Is The Office Address To Your Business?

A professional office address can work wonders for businesses. We understand that clients, customers and business partners tend to judge an organization’s credibility based on their business address. You would be right in associating your business to a certain neighborhood. Having a virtual address in a professional setting may be a strategic decision that could get you noticed by the right people – client or partners.

Do You Have Some Legal Obligations, In Terms of Office Space?

Most often, as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you may be more than satisfied working from home. It offers you the flexibility that you need. However, every so often, you may need to file legal documentation that may need an office address that cannot be your home’s. In instances like this, a virtual office is your convenient way out of a legal web.

You Don’t Want To Give Your Home Address to Clients & Partners

Every business owner values his/her privacy. However, individuals who manage their business from home may have difficulty balancing their work and personal life. When your clients and business partners have your home address, invasion of privacy may be inevitable. With a virtual office, you can separate these two entities of your life, and manage each effectively!

Samsung Unveils Its Galaxy S5 Mobile Phone With The Latest Android Lollipop

With the introduction of Android Lollipop, a mad scramble has already began with manufacturers rushing to update their existing phones to the latest version of operating system brought out by Google. It was a plodding affair, as the latest version of android mobile operating system came into existence with its redesigned user interface. Some other changes include accessing notifications from the lock-screen that is displayed as banners within applications. There were also some internal changes done to the platform that resulted in improvement in application performance and also optimizing battery usage.

It was Samsung Galaxy S5 that got the latest android operating system in the U.S. that was sold at Verizon. The update was announced by the carrier, explaining the new look and features of the software. The update is to be rolled out to all the S5 owners, and that means owners have to hit the refresh button repeatedly for the update to get installed in their device. The new software is about 1 GB in size and it is available as an over-the-air update.

The Lollipop update is also slowly being received throughout Europe by Galaxy S5 owners, and it is closely followed by the remaining U.S. phones. The release of the new firmware will depend on the speed of approval by the networks. Although not available to most users in Europe, the update will soon hit the Galaxy S4 handsets.

The multinational conglomerate unveiled the latest Smartphone phone with a slim body which is seen as an attempt to retain its undisputed global Smartphone position.

Galaxy S5 Electric Blue Front

There is good news for Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners as the latest Android 5.0 operating system for the phones have already began to be available. It may take several months for the over-the-air update to complete, but once things work out well, there could be a wider release before time. It is to ensure that everything is running smoothly and correctly that software updates are send out in stages by manufacturers.

In Australia, many Galaxy Note Edge owners have spotted the software available for download on their phones through an over-the-air update. Hence, for owners of these mobiles in Australia, check out the availability of software update to see if it has arrived yet.

Samsung has given a visual makeover of its own Android user interface to bring it at par with the Material Design of Google that came into effect with 5.0 Lollipop, and also a slew of new features.

Risk Free Buying with Unboxed and Refurbished Mobile Phones

The current consumer craze is refurbished and Certified Mobile Phones, electronics and appliances, especially smartphones. These products offer very high discounts owing to their reconditioned state or condition, these products are just as good as new ones with the added benefit of helping you to save. Buying reconditioned smartphones is always a good idea; here are points to help make it easier for you:

Warranty: Like new products, reconditioned goods and unboxed mobile also come with an OEM warranty. This means that you can avail of the same purchase benefits as guaranteed by the manufacturer. The dealer selling you the refurbished Smartphone might offer you an extended warranty on used products or factory seconds. When you do buy a product, make sure that it has some warranty left on it, otherwise the Smartphone is not worth buying.

Locations: Refurbished smartphones and Certified Mobile Phones are all the rage right now; and while you can get them directly from the manufacturers themselves, there are many stockiest and retailers that also sell factory seconds, certified pre owned smartphones. Each vendor will have their own discounts and products that they will sell and so you have to look for the best one.

Price Factors: The level of reconditioning is what will determine the price of each unboxed mobile. Minor scratches, carton damage will probably get you a 10% discount, while component replacement, formatting, software installation will get you a 50% off on the original MRP and even higher if necessary.

Accessories and Components: Certain tablets or smartphones or Certified Mobile Phones will come with their accessories missing. Those accessories that are crucial to the performance of the device will either be replaced with similar or upgraded versions. Make sure that you are getting all the accessories so that you don’t have to spend extra money buying them yourself, if the accessories are replaced then make sure that they are compatible with the device.

Returns and Replacements: The dealer that you choose should also offer you the advantage of replacing or returning the product that you buy. Some refurbished, unboxed mobile phone might not work as soon as you bring them home from the sort or they may malfunction after some time. Your refurbished purchase should be one where you don’t lose out completely. Online dealers will have this as a mandatory consumer benefit as you don’t have the opportunity to have a closer look at the product before buying it.

Purchase Tests: When browsing through reconditioned Certified Mobile Phones, make sure that they are fully functional. Test out the touch capacitive limits, the power buttons, switching through home screens and connectivity options. This is particularly important for those smartphones that undergone extensive servicing or that have been pre owned. Very old models on sale might not have the capacity to work well after being upgraded and so a thorough pre- purchase test is needed.