6 Web Development Tips For Better SEO

These days it is not just enough to design a functional and beautiful website that addresses the needs of your clients. If you want your clients to get the benefits of your online presence, then having a better SEO web design is a necessity. One method that has helped our San Diego web design customers to improve the visibility of a website in search engines is search engine optimization. With the help of the design practices highlighted below you can improve your website’s SEO and visibility.

  1. Make it Mobile Responsive

Today, people are shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) when using the Internet. You should design your website responsively if you want your potential clients to be able to see or use it no matter the type of device they are on. A responsive design uses technology with the ability to detect what type of screen size and device a web page is viewed on. It presents the page in a way that functions and looks best for that particular on-screen environment.

  1. Use Social Media

Social Media has to be part of an SEO strategy. This is because interacting and building relationships helps your brand grow enormously. It also gives you more exposure and helps you gain credibility and build a trusted community. Link building is one good reason to use the Social Media bandwagon. This is because when visitors share links within their network, it can result in large numbers of inbound links. Social media can help an organization get an affordable channel that accomplishes the best results.

  1. Keep Your Pages Small

Images can make a website look good, but too many images on the page or failure to reduce your file size can make your page load slowly, which reduces its SEO score. Make sure the size of your image are as small as possible as this allows your page to load fast. One web development tip is to re-size your images before uploading them.

  1. Strive for Better Usability

Having a good SEO is not just about keywords alone. You need to give a good experience to those who visit your website. You can ponder on questions like, is my page relevant to their web search? Does it match my client’s expectations? Usability brings several things into play that you need to pay attention to such as:

  • Content- is your website resourceful to potential customers?
  • Design- is your website easy to navigate and well designed?
  • Development- does your website load after 2 seconds?
  • Responsive web design- can your website be read on a mobile device?
  1. Keyword research

Keywords are a critical part of a search engine optimization campaign. Using the wrong keywords will make search engines and your target market fail to find you. It is crucial that you establish what your business objectives are when starting a website. Is your target market national, global or local? After knowing this, you can then build your pages to target these specific keywords.

  1. URL’s and Filenames

Having an SEO-optimized URL can allow search engines to identify what your page is about quickly.

A website can be built to serve many purposes. However, the most important one is to help you promote your business. By building your website with SEO in mind, you can be sure that it will turn out to be a tool for converting more sales and generating new leads.

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