G700: Indestructible Military Grade Flashlight

Lately there has been so many dissolutions on social media on which people are constantly talking about this indestructible military grade flashlight that is finally realest to the public. After several days of constant talk about the indestructible G700 tactical flashlight our team decided to do a small research about the G700.

Flashlights are the objects that mostly serve to light your way to the basement or to find your keys in case of power blackout, but after the release of the G700, flashlights got new meaning and more value. This flashlight until recently was forbidden for public use because it was only used by the US army, but after Lumitact(company that manufactures the G700 flashlights) dropped contract with them, it was finally released for regular citizens.

Why G700 wasn’t available until now?

Lumitact is a company that manufactures flashlights since 2004 and they are considered to be the top revolutionary flashlight inventor of the 21’st century. Since their made their first flashlight their talent was spotted by the US army and since 2006 they have exclusively produced flashlights for them only. After the 10 year contractLumitact’s flashlights were finally available for regular citizens and with their latest revolutionary flashlight G700 they finally stroke the market.

Revolutionary LED technology

There are several flashlights out there that have more lumen power than the G700 that has only 700 lumens, but the most common problem with those flashlights is that they don’t transmit the entire energy onto one place. Flashlights with larger lumen power that the G700 have a circular LED lamp which makes the light to transmit the light widely and not focusing on one place. The developers behind the G700 LED flashlight have made a chip that transmit the entire lumen power in one place.

Indestructible material

Since the original purpose for this flashlight was for open battlefield this flashlight had to be durable under any kind of harsh circumstances. Made with aircraft aluminum which is used for manufacturing airplanes this flashlight can last on extreme high and low temperatures.

Focus mode Feature

The focus more on this flashlight is what makes me want to buy it. Each mode is designed for any kind of extreme circumstances. The G700 Tactical flashlight comes with 5 pre-set modes that are: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. One of the many reason why this flashlight is so popular is because of its self-defense mode. The strobe mode can successfully neutralize any kind of target within seconds from flashing directly into their eyes, but please us it only if necessary.

Rechargeable battery option

One of the main problems which makes people to don’t buy flashlights is because of the small battery capacity. To maintain a flashlight with 700 or more lumen power isn’t cheap you would have to get pair of batteries every month which is an unnecessary expanse. With the G700 your problems are solved, with the rechargeable option which is available with a USB cable that can be connected to any kind of mobile device.

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