Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt Beacons

The word “Beacon” actually means something visibly attractive or bright enough to convey a message or act as a signal. “iBeacons” is a concept originally introduced by Apple Inc. which is used as an indoor positioning and proximity based messaging system. As the concept gained popularity, several companies have emerged to manufacture hardware and develop mobile device applications exclusively for Beacon technology. Estimote, BluseSense and Onyx to name a few. But what’s so inviting? Why as a Company you should make use of this? These are the top 10 reasons:

Low IT Investment

Hardware associated with Beacons are low-cost, low-powered and can act both as a transmitter and a receiver. These pieces have Bluetooth chips embedded within supported by a lithium battery (similar to a wrist watch) and support a range of around 50 to 70 meters. Most of the top companies offer 3 such Beacon transceivers for less than 100 USD. Cost is a negligible factor here.

Rapid Kick Start

Rather than months or weeks, it just takes few days to put Beacons to work. Beacons are flexible that you can test them on a smaller scale to begin with and expand on-the-go. Once you define a set of marketing messages and configure which beacon to display what information, these transceivers can be stuck to any hard and dry surface like walls and that’s it! you have installed them.

Low Maintenance Cost

Compared to other Enterprise Applications and Marketing Software, Beacons completely avoid the hardware maintenance cost (except changing the battery and a Server) and incurs a very less cost towards managing the associated application, analyzing the results obtained from your customers and gain insights.

Automation at its best

Once they start working, human intervention is not required at all. Beacons will start push messages and display ad content such as images and videos as soon as the user reaches the range or according to the time interval set by the administrator. It doesn’t matter how many users are in the range at the same time. Beacons can handle things all by themselves.

Highly Sensitive towards Context

Context based advertisement is the key for marketing independent of the industry. Individual Beacon can be set to display targeted message based on a defined criteria (device used, location of the device etc.). A single Beacon can display multiple messages based on the context of the receiver.

Universal applicability

Industry Vertical is not a constraint as Beacons can be used in any industry. Find below a very minimal list of applications;

Guide your Customers:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Conference Halls

Display Ad Content, Offers and Discounts

  • Retail Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Engage with your Employees/Students

  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Universities
  • IT Firms

Collect Customer feedback

  • Any Industry

And much more.

Make the business future ready

It’s evident that usage of mobile devices are increasing exponentially day by day. With this technology designed exclusively for mobile devices, you will enable a rock solid foundation for your business’ future as far as marketing and customer or user engagement is concerned.

Delight your Customers

It is already a proven technology which can provoke customer’s interest based on real-time and context sensitive engagement. Its rest assured that the customers or users will be delighted and enjoy such services.

Reduced Man-power investment

As you have an error free and automated guiding and marketing system in place, very less investment is required in terms of man-power to do the same.

Beyond basics – Analytics

As Beacons keep recording the happenings and also collect information from users (with their knowledge and permission) which can be stored and analyzed. The results can be used to gain more insights about user’s interest and design better campaigns. It can also be used to enhance existing content management system.

Key to Being Efficient in Business

Productivity hacks? Nope.

Time management apps? Nope.

Hiring and delegation? Nope.

The core of being efficient and effective in your business starts with YOU.

Your strength, your superpowers.

Being efficient and effective is not about having a cookie-cutter blueprint or a me-too tactic. You need the right strategies and customized plan to give you the biggest bang for you time- and energy-bucks.

The best way to make your business run efficiently is to tap into your strength, and design structures and systems to maximize the income-producing potential of your strong suits.

It is easy to talk a good game about tapping into our strength and being in the flow. But putting it into practice can take some mindset muscle.

Growing up, many of us were conditioned to be “humble” or not to show off our strengths (especially for women.) A lot of times, we discount ourselves thinking the things that come so naturally to us is not valuable, is “just how things are done.”

As a result, we are not deploying our genius in a way that will make our lives so much easier, at the same time generate more income.

Here is how to make your business more efficient and effective by tapping into your strength:

1. Find It

Of course, the first step is to identify your strengths. To acknowledge the abilities that you take for granted probably don’t come naturally to other people.

There are many tests and assessments to help you take this first step. The key is to translate your results into a business model and some smart strategies to support it.

I like to keep it simple – knowing a few of your top strengths can help you find your special blend of awesomeness and devise a unique positioning that will make you stand out in the marketplace. But too many of them can steer your focus away from your core strengths and make your message too confusing.

2. Claim It

After you find your strengths, it’s time to claim it because they are not doing you any good if it’s just shared between you and your cat.

“Claiming the hell out of it” is way more than a marketing tactic just to toot your own horn.The process also strengthens your mindset so you can step up and be confident in selling what you offer.

For most of us, we were raised to be “humble” and this preconditioning is sabotaging our success because we are afraid to talk about (let alone sell) our strengths.

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough and the Fear of Being Criticized can also barge in to hold you back from stepping up and claim your genius.

3. Articulate it

We are talking about business and to make a venture a business it has to make money, which means you need sell something.

To sell something means you have to be able to tell your potential clients why your products or services are valuable to them – why YOUR unique blend of strengths and superpowers is relevant to helping them solve their burning issues.

The process of articulating your strengths can also help you gain more clarity. When you have to “find your voice” to tell your story – you need to get clear on who you want to BE in your business, and who you want to be for your peeps. This clarity can become the guiding light for your long-term success.

4. Build Around It

After defining your strengths, it’s time to make sure your business is structured to highlight and utilize every ounce of it.

You can also create systems so the business and marketing activities that play to your strengths are put on autopilot as much as possible.

5. Sell It

A product or service sitting on the shelf won’t do you any good, and you can’t really call your business “efficient and effective” if it’s not making money!

That means you have to get comfortable with SELLING. For most coaches, consultants and service professionals, that means having sales conversations with potential clients.

You can take all the world’s sales trainings and have a dozen “scripts” collecting dust on your hard drive, but if you don’t have the right mindset behind your conversation, your results are going to be patchy as best.

Having the right mindset means you are empowered in your conversation, and you have healthy boundaries around money so you are not undercharging, over-delivering, constantly discounting or (god forbid!) giving services away for free.

All clients have their money stories, but ultimately, it’s OUR own money stories and projection that are holding us back. Imagine you can state the price of your high-end package with no charge, just like you are saying “give me 10 carrots so I can make you a stew!”

The confidence and ease you have in stating your price is proportional to how well you can sell.

6. Chuck It

As in, your weakness.

Stop beating yourself up for “not measuring up” in those areas. Stop fearing that you are “not good enough” because you are not “well-rounded”. Stop feeling you have to do everything everyone tells you, and excel in every single one.

Stop spending time, energy and money to make your weakness “better.” It will be mediocre at best and mediocre is not where the big bucks lie.

If something is not your natural strength, you can outsource it. You can find a partner with complimentary talents. You can structure your business so you spend minimal time in those areas.

But it doesn’t mean you look the other way. Knowing your challenges can help you set up systems and routine to mitigate those weak points.

Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 10 years experience in the online marketing industry.

Developing a Technology Business

A technology business, in today’s society, can be very successful. It seems like everywhere you look, all businesses use some sort of technology in order to complete their daily tasks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bank, a coal mines, etc; all businesses use some sort of technology.

A technology business can help others to achieve their daily goals whether it is for personal reasons or for business reasons. But when developing a business along these lines, you must know what you are doing in all aspects to the form of technology business that you have opened, so that one believes that you are capable of handling their situation. When it comes to business operations and technology, trust plays an important role.

Professionalism is also a key factor. What if you were working for a company that had viable data that needed to be handled and if they couldn’t trust your company, you, or your employees to handle that? Professionalism, privacy, integrity, and more should at all times be maintained.

You will also need all of the tools, whether it’s machines or software programs, that will allow you to operate sufficiently and efficiently. You will want to offer your customers everything possible for the type of service or business that you are performing/conducting. For instance, just logging into a system to retrieve lost information is fine, but what if you could offer them more?

A technology business must also stay up-to-date on all areas of their field. Technology changes fast and that means that your business will too. You and your employees will have to stay up-to-date on all new processes, programs, and anything along those lines in order to be able to offer your customers the latest and possibly the best for them or their business. Technology is helpful; but it is also demanding.

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