Fire Alarm Systems To Safeguard Your Business

As technological developments continue to bring positive changes and effectiveness in the way things are done, it can only be expected that keeping your business will get even better. When it comes to improving the security levels in your business, the options are numerous. Installing CCTV cameras are some of the best security features you can have to keep an eye on every activity that takes place within your business premises.

Fire alarm systems also come in handy in businesses and you should consider having a reliable one installed. For businesses and large complexes, they have software which sets off an alert and at the same time also notifies local fire authorities when there is a fire so that you can get assistance fast to minimize the effects of the fire or have measures in place to prevent it from erupting or spreading. The fire alarm systems can go a long way in saving your business even when you are closed because the fire authority works around the clock and will come to your rescue at any given time.

The fire alarm systems use open source or proprietary software. The proprietary software has licensed applications, meaning that the technicians require training to manage using it. When looking for this type of fire alarm system, it helps to ensure that the company selling you the proprietary software has installers who are fully trained to handle it and offer excellent services with the installations. When looking at the most suitable fire alarm system for your business, there are three major factors you should consider; type of smoke detector, the size of the building and the battery power.

Smoke sensors

They are what differentiate fire alarm systems. The most common smoke detector types you will find in the market are ionization, photoelectric, air sampling and dual sensor smoke detectors.

The ionization detector traces americium amounts in the air and it can also be combined with carbon monoxide detectors.

Photoelectric sensors on the other hand are similar to the ionization detector only that it uses a strobe light which remains on as long as there are no smoke particles detected and is most suitable for detecting large smoke particles such as those from electricity, clothing and bedding fires.

The dual sensor model combines the photoelectric and ionization mechanism, making the best smoke detector overall.

The air sampling detectors are the commonly used in businesses and use pipe networks with air circulating within them and the sensor samples for any present smoke in the air. It is a more sensitive fire alarm system great for laboratories, warehouses and other areas that require a sensitivity degree that is higher when it comes to detecting the smoke.

When selecting a fire alarm system for your business, ensure that you settle for one that covers all important areas and one that has battery power you can rely on. You can choose a model that is wired to your electrical wiring, but one that also has batteries for backup in case of a blackout so your premises is protected round the clock.

It is important to ensure that your property is protected at all times with a quality business security system installation as it can deter unwanted visitors.

Affiliate Tips from an Affiliate Network CEO

What do your currently do as CEO? Give me some information about yourself

My name is Matt Lovett and I am the MD of WOW Media. WOW is a multidisciplinary marketing agency specialising in Affiliate Marketing. I set WOW up in 2007 and continue to run the company now. At this moment in time, we have six committed WOW sites. These sites include: WOWTRK (our CPL / mobile affiliate network), our freebie website, a voucher code site and plenty of other projects.

How did you get into the industry? What inspired WOW media?

I began in industry at a very young age. At 12 years old, I began selling sweets in the school playground, succeeding in making my very first £20. This £20 was invested in my very first website that later became ‘British Rewards’. Those who used the site could complete affiliate based offers and earn cash back. This pushed me forward into affiliate marketing during an era when it was a fairly recent concept.

So affiliate marketing… what is it? How does it work?

Affiliate marketing is when an individual or business (affiliate) promotes a product or service on behalf of a merchant. This helps the merchant (advertiser) to reach a wider audience through the different methods their affiliate uses to promote the offer.

An Affiliate Network is a platform that connects affiliates and advertisers. The network then tracks the performance of the affiliate using a variety of tracking methods. When a WOWTRK affiliate makes a sale or gathers a lead, that action is shown in their account. Affiliates are granted the commission when the advertiser has confirmed the lead’s quality.

What is the benefit of Affiliate Marketing?

With Affiliate Marketing, publishers can earn a second income by monetising their existing blogs and websites. For some people, affiliate marketing is their entire business. Affiliate Marketing’s appeal is that it’s a flexible way of making a living, enabling publishers to earn money while travelling or working from anywhere in the world.

What would you say is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your business?

Starting out and growing the business with no financial support has been the biggest challenge. At a young age, I had no income to use for projects. I had to reinvest every penny that I made back into the business. At the very beginning, it really was an example of starting with nothing and turning that into something.

What makes you stand out from the competition?

At WOWTRK we really focus on our unique software and tracking tools.For example, WOWDETECT (our fraud detection platform) allows us to increase an Advertiser’s return on their investment by reducing fraudulent clicks.

We also have a wide range of tools to help Affiliate’s increase their sales. For example, we can install a plugin on their WordPress site that allows for quick promotion of WOW Trk offers.

How would you say you approach business?

I believe that building good quality relationships are a key factor to succeeding in business. We build solid, long lasting relationships with all of ourAffiliates, Merchants and business partners.

What ways can an Affiliate make money?

There is a wide range of methods and different affiliate offers to promote. If affiliates want to sell products, they can promote ‘CPS’ offers and earn a commission for every sale. To succeed with CPS, you would need a good pre-sell. WOWTRK is also a CPL network, where affiliates generate leads rather than sales and earn a fixed commissionfor each lead they deliver to the merchant. This is very appealing to affiliates, enabling them to make money without having to generate sales.

When it comes to promoting offers, it can vary between advertisers. Sometimes there can be restrictions, but usually it comes down to; website traffic, social media, Email marketing, or even Pay Per Click advertising. This opens affiliate marketing up to a wide range of people.

What are the most common mistakes you see made by Affiliates?

Commonly, I see Affiliates trying to promote offers that are completely unrelated to their audience. For example, a blog is a very nichespecific; visitors are unlikely to be interested in a service/product that’s in a completely different vertical.A successful affiliate should be segmenting emails, adding relevant and related adverts to your site and building a targeted social media community.

What would be your top tip for a new Affiliate?

That’s quite a difficult one – I would typically say research and keeping up to date with the industry are the most important. You can’t really be pre-selling something unless you’ve taken your time to learn its benefits. When it comes to competing with the top affiliates out there, you need to keep your marketing knowledge fresh and implement new tools/platforms to increase your sales.

Is Affiliate marketing a long-term profitable avenue?

Affiliate marketing is very much here to stay. It can completely change your strategy to marketing and online business. It enables people who are popular within social media or blogging circles to finally make money without changing principals or selling anything of their own.

Trends in Biometric Technology 2015

The world today moves ahead with technological advancements every day. In this digital age where dependence on online businesses and marketing is growing, the security threats are also not much behind. In this field, Biometric technology has played a massive role in enhancing security, which is a step-up from the previous password protection or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) methods.

Biometrics is quite useful and better for a number of reasons. It uses technology that examines a human body’s characteristics like DNA, facial patterns, eye retina, and hand measurements for authentication processes. A person is identified by the blood vessel pattern beneath the skin – which is unique to each individual. Such a process is quite secure as cloning a human’s DNA or facial patterns is a much harder task than cracking passwords. This year saw various trends in Biometrics Technology, which is most likely to rise in the coming years.

Some of the trends are as follows:

1. Incorporating biometrics in money transaction businesses

Online shopping is a major source of income and a usual trend these days thereby holding many security threats as well such as credit card frauds. In this case, biometric plays a very important role as recently MasterCard is about to launch a facial recognition service wherein customers can complete transactions with just a selfie.

The various shopping portals will include a Biometric scanner in their shopping process with facial recognition system which will help in completing transactions with a single scan of the customer’s face.

2. Mobile Biometric System

Mobiles have been a major part of our lives. This year the number of mobile phone users has reached almost 6 billion. Therefore, government and private commerce are converging to mobile biometrics to speed up the identification process. This trend is rising because biometrics cannot always be carried out in a closed location. Sometimes, biometric identifications go places where people go like stadiums, markets or simply public places.

One great example of the Mobile Biometric System is the Iraqi automated border control system. There are at least 100 mobile biometric checkpoints with over a million registrations. This helps in keeping a check and protecting them from insurgents.

3. Cloud Based Biometric Security

This is in relation to the mobile biometric system. The details of the biometric are coupled with a cloud-based server, which in response helps in pacing the verification process. Cloud saved biometric data is more secured than locally saved biometric data.

4. Biometric Single Sign on (SSO)

Another rising trend seen is the use of a Biometric Single Sign on (SSO). With this system, the individual does not have to remember ID’s and passwords for every account. This helps in speeding up the work and additionally helps to swap the problem of remembering multiple passwords.

5. National Security Measures

Biometric system comes in very handy to the governments who are switching to it in order to enhance national security. The main reason for this is that there are a high number of digital interactions between countries, with a highly vulnerable security risk. Using Biometrics decreases the hack rate and opens a channel for safe information transfers.

6. Future Proof Technology

Biometrics seems to be a guaranteed improvement in terms of enhancing security and increasing work speed, two of the biggest traits required for development. Hence, investing in this technology seems to be the forte of many private firms and government agencies especially the secret services like CIA of USA or R&AW of India.

Apart from these rising trends, numerous more developments that are pursued which might be part of future trends include the voice printing and heartbeat authentication.

Institutions are using frequency estimations, neural networks and Gaussian mixture models to process and store voiceprints. This system focuses on the speaking aspect of the individual and therefore applicable in the fields of kidnapping, ransom demands and crank phone calls.

Companies illustrating exceeding innovations are using one-step verification using heartbeat authentication. This technique is applicable as wearable wristbands, which checks a person’s exclusive electrocardiograph, making false identification very hard.


Biometric technology presently represents the safest procedure as far as online security is concerned. The innovative method has a large scale following and with the way things are going this system seems just the right one to follow. However, the hackers are also showing innovations in their fields and a recent example of that is the hacking group called Chaos Computer Club who replicated the fingerprint of the German defense Minister. Therefore, how the security firms encounter such lapses is to be seen in the future.